April 28, 2011

Such a successful quick shopping trip I had!

Bloggers, Viewers we missed you!! We sincerely apologize for our lack of blogging. There has been so many things going on; birthdays, dinners, events that we just didn't have time.

All in all, I want to share with you guys what a successful quick shopping trip I had! It was planned that I'm heading out to the mall on my day off solely just to pick out a ring with my lovely sister at Macy's. If you all wonder why can't I shop? Well my lovely BF <3 birthday is coming up in a week or so, not to mention Mothers day, etc...occasions went on and on so I told my self NO! But price deductions reg tags were everywhereee!! I can not stop my self but to wonder off to their Juniors section. Let me remind you, I never...ever...barely....rarely.. dig through the sales sections/rag. 1st reason, because I don't have the patients to, 2nd reason is because I am an XS/S so they never have my size left, or so I assumed (plus I always find good priced items w/o mark down anyways!) But it happened that I have plenty of time on my hand while waiting for my sister to shop with her family. So as I wonder around I stumble upon a black relaxed knit shorts that I fell In Love with (picture below), I decided why not look around in this section? Digging, after digging, I found tons of cute stuff! So shocking!!! There were plenty in my size (well 1 or 2), everything fits beautifully, but I had to control my self and narrow it down to 7 items. I got it all for an amazing price of.... are you ready? $55.94 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(items are pair together to fit in the picture, they are not necessary what I will be wearing together :} )

lace gloves, beanie with pin, and knit relaxed shorts with gold buttons

Printed zipper tiered ruffle tank, bandage mini skirt

oxford blue shirt, denim highwasted destroyed shorts with skinny belt

As you probably concluded, I will now take my time to shop and always go to the sales rack first :p <3
xoxo, Emie

March 12, 2011

Spring 2011, where art thou?

Good Evening Readers!
It has been a while since we blog beautiful things of our liking. We are so sorry, work has consumed both of our lives for the past few weeks....
So as I let my head fly with ideas, I could not think of what to put in this blog post? And then I thought, Omg!! What have I been constantly thinking about?.... 2011 SPRING FASHION, of course!! I decided to google images to share with you all. And I can not find any better picture but the one bellow. I can not wait or I should rephrase, We all can not wait for the winter to be over. Spring is such a beautiful season that I think we all need to dress at our best to welcome it and be at one with it. All in the Hue colors; chiffon (my favorite fabric of all, I will buy anything and everything as long its chiffon), lace, prints, flowers, stripes. Pretty much all the Hues of the rainbow!! Pale yellow, putty, and green is however my current favorite!
PS: Don't forget to pair your fun outfits with bright nails polish colors (coral, green, blue, yellow, pale purple, pale pink, red..etc....)
*Bee and I are also working on a Project, we can not wait to share it with everyone <3, stay tune!
xoxo, Emie

February 20, 2011

My hobby; my cupcakes!!!!

When I get bored, I thought of baking. It helps me relax my mind. I love making cupcakes, and the best part is decorating the toppings!!! I thought of these recipe on my way home from work, it was during Valentines week. Hence the chocolate, pinks, and reds. I hope you guys enjoys the pictures of the cupcakes! Let me know if you are interested in the recipe. Enjoy!!
Lemon cupcake with Vanilla frosting, chocolate covered raspberry and pink sugar
Dark Chocolate chip cupcake with Chocolate frosting, and chocolate covered strawberry

February 17, 2011

LOok What we got from A Thrift Store!! and FOREVER 21!!!!!!

Who would have thought a Thrift Store would be such a great place to shop! Cheap and stylish!!  If you don't mind wearing second hand clothes! It was my first time to go to a thrift store, and it was very interesting!   Emie and I had great time there! And this is what we got. Leave comment below if you have any questions OR if you know better thrift stores, we would love to check it out! :)
Thrift store is called Arc's Value Village
6528 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, MN 55423


February 14, 2011

HaPpY VaLeNtiNe's dAy!!!!!

We hope everyone enjoy their Valentine's day!!! and thank you for the 12 people that follow our blog! We  really appreciated! much love from Bee and Emie~XOXO

February 10, 2011

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day!

I think these would be the perfect hairstyles for the Vday! i hope you enjoy it! <3

Hairstyles for Valentine&#39;s Day!
Hairstyles for Valentine's Day! by beebee thao on Polyvore.com

Here are some similar videos tutorial from youtube that can help you get started!
The side-parted wavy hair:

curly updo hair:

credit to/ check out their channel on youtube!

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day!

February 09, 2011

My favorite dresses of the week!

Love them!! let me know which one is your favorite! :) These dresses are Under$80!

February 08, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Beautifuls -hugs and kisses, Bee & Emie

Our Valentines Date look that we put together! How will you dress up on this oh so special event?

February 03, 2011

A random Sunny Day w/Snow!!!!

Groundhog didn't see its shadow!! Spring is on its way!! My Spring outfit of the week!

This outfit is inspired by all the spring colors I've seen at stores all over town! I love it!! The nude, pastel, chiffon, gold, silver, pinks, greens and destroyed jeans are my favorite!!! So I put this quick look together to attend a Friends & Family gathering after a short shopping trip with Bee!!
Tell me what you think of it? How will you dress up this Spring?

Top: H&M $19.99
Bottom: Charlotte Russe $29.99
Clutch: Coach $198
Watch: Fossil $ 108
Bracelets: H&M (green) $1.99,
Forever 21(gold mesh stones) $5.99
Necklace: Handmade by Bee <3
Belt: Heartbreaker $7.99
Shoes: Steve Madden $29.99
xoxo, Emie

January 21, 2011

Valentines Day! My Personal Picked Dresses, Affordable and Hot!!

I took some time to pick out a few dresses that I would totally wear on Valentines Day. Its affordable and you can purchase it at your local stores such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. From going on a dinner date, to a night out with your girlfriends. Pick and choose your dress, pair it with a thick waste belt, black tights/leggings, pumps.  And of course accessories such as necklaces, ring, and bangles will help you complete the Gorgeous, Cute, Sweet, Innocent, or Feminine look that you want to achieve for that special night out. If you need advice on what to pair the dresses with. Feel free to leave us a comment below
ps: Try paring assortments of necklaces you have together. You'll be amazed on how great they look all together :}
xoxo Emie
(In order from top left)
1. Linear Panel Tube Dress $29.50 from Charlotte Russe
2. Floral Brocade Sateen Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
3. Floral Organza Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
4. Crepe Rosette Dress $32.80 from Forever 21
5. Lattice Knotted Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
5. Contrasting Petals Dress $29.80 from Forever 21
6. All Over Crochet Dress $34.50 from Charlotte Russe

January 20, 2011


Classy+fabulous by wanmanie featuring floral hair accessories

This is the Kim Kardashian inspired look. Hope you guys like it! tell me what you think...

Valentine's Look

Valentine's Look
Valentine's Look by wanmanie featuring a leaf earring

This look inspired me by Taylor Swift. She is cute and very sweet!

Dream, Peace, Love

Dream, Peace, Love
Dream, Peace, Love by wanmanie featuring a sequin bra

Inspired by Alexander McQueen's shoes. This is Lexi... she is Fun, Sexy and Fierce! And ready to go enjoy her night in New York city!

January 07, 2011

My winter wonderland! My poor dried skin....

          Due to the harsh cold winter weather, my poor lips have been neglected with moisturizing products for quite a while.Last night, a friend of mine let me tried her lip balm.
Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Stick
EOS Sweet Mint Lip balm $3.99
The product is by EOS, in 5 different flavors: summer fruit, lemon drop spf 15, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, and sweet mint.I tried the sweet mint flavor, as to the reason why I posted up the sweet mint picture of it. Isn't it super cute? Its affordable, about $4 and you can find it at any drug stores. Its an egg shaped lip balm. Totally different than any lip balms/chap sticks I've ever seen. And the best thing about is, its
95% organic, 100% natural, paraben and petrolatum free. Its packed with antioxidant, shea butter, and jojoba oil. All the ingredient to keep my lips soft, moist, and smooth! I'm so excited! I can not wait to buy one for my self. Or possibly all 5 wonderful flavors! Please try it out and let me know how you like it!!!

January 06, 2011

I have a love for Handbags (Coach especially)!!!

        I am officially an addict when it comes to handbags, but I am totally a satchel type of girl over a shoulder, cross body, or hobo. Did I mention I'm not afraid to try new colors? I used to be such a black, white, neutral girl. But my love for Pink will never dies.  A few years back, my fun yet so not  practical color side shine through (handbags wise) I am now a proud owner of all sorts of colors of handbags include; black, white, putty, champagne, camel, blue, pink, green, and one with a mix of color patterns. I love them all!!!
Leather Petal Ella $1,200
Just recently, I spotted this beautifully elegant bag from Coach. The new Leather Petal Ella, she is a little bit pricey on a higher note, $1,200. But I'm sure its worth every penny to the lucky ladies who purchase it. With it being a satchel, she has two short straps and a long over shoulder strap as an option. I just love love this bag!!!
There seems to be different shades of pastel chiffon petals all over the front of the bag, with the gorgeous putty cracked metallic . Its just so elegant, girly, and just simply beautiful. Spring 2011 is going to be beautiful this year for the ladies who are or will purchase this bag!!
(*she: the handbag, I like to prefer pretty things as a she) 
 xoxo Emie

Ahhh so exciting!

Our very own blog, for the first time!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Oh! Happy New Year to you all!!!!!
One of our New Year resolution? I guess to follow on with our Blog :)

We consider ourselves creative and fashionable, so throughout our blog, you will see picture of foods (that we ate or we made), fashions, shopping trips, holidays decorations, cute random things, all that sort of fun stuff!And of course anything else you viewers would like us to discuss about
Bee & Emie