March 12, 2011

Spring 2011, where art thou?

Good Evening Readers!
It has been a while since we blog beautiful things of our liking. We are so sorry, work has consumed both of our lives for the past few weeks....
So as I let my head fly with ideas, I could not think of what to put in this blog post? And then I thought, Omg!! What have I been constantly thinking about?.... 2011 SPRING FASHION, of course!! I decided to google images to share with you all. And I can not find any better picture but the one bellow. I can not wait or I should rephrase, We all can not wait for the winter to be over. Spring is such a beautiful season that I think we all need to dress at our best to welcome it and be at one with it. All in the Hue colors; chiffon (my favorite fabric of all, I will buy anything and everything as long its chiffon), lace, prints, flowers, stripes. Pretty much all the Hues of the rainbow!! Pale yellow, putty, and green is however my current favorite!
PS: Don't forget to pair your fun outfits with bright nails polish colors (coral, green, blue, yellow, pale purple, pale pink, red..etc....)
*Bee and I are also working on a Project, we can not wait to share it with everyone <3, stay tune!
xoxo, Emie