April 28, 2011

Such a successful quick shopping trip I had!

Bloggers, Viewers we missed you!! We sincerely apologize for our lack of blogging. There has been so many things going on; birthdays, dinners, events that we just didn't have time.

All in all, I want to share with you guys what a successful quick shopping trip I had! It was planned that I'm heading out to the mall on my day off solely just to pick out a ring with my lovely sister at Macy's. If you all wonder why can't I shop? Well my lovely BF <3 birthday is coming up in a week or so, not to mention Mothers day, etc...occasions went on and on so I told my self NO! But price deductions reg tags were everywhereee!! I can not stop my self but to wonder off to their Juniors section. Let me remind you, I never...ever...barely....rarely.. dig through the sales sections/rag. 1st reason, because I don't have the patients to, 2nd reason is because I am an XS/S so they never have my size left, or so I assumed (plus I always find good priced items w/o mark down anyways!) But it happened that I have plenty of time on my hand while waiting for my sister to shop with her family. So as I wonder around I stumble upon a black relaxed knit shorts that I fell In Love with (picture below), I decided why not look around in this section? Digging, after digging, I found tons of cute stuff! So shocking!!! There were plenty in my size (well 1 or 2), everything fits beautifully, but I had to control my self and narrow it down to 7 items. I got it all for an amazing price of.... are you ready? $55.94 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(items are pair together to fit in the picture, they are not necessary what I will be wearing together :} )

lace gloves, beanie with pin, and knit relaxed shorts with gold buttons

Printed zipper tiered ruffle tank, bandage mini skirt

oxford blue shirt, denim highwasted destroyed shorts with skinny belt

As you probably concluded, I will now take my time to shop and always go to the sales rack first :p <3
xoxo, Emie