January 21, 2011

Valentines Day! My Personal Picked Dresses, Affordable and Hot!!

I took some time to pick out a few dresses that I would totally wear on Valentines Day. Its affordable and you can purchase it at your local stores such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. From going on a dinner date, to a night out with your girlfriends. Pick and choose your dress, pair it with a thick waste belt, black tights/leggings, pumps.  And of course accessories such as necklaces, ring, and bangles will help you complete the Gorgeous, Cute, Sweet, Innocent, or Feminine look that you want to achieve for that special night out. If you need advice on what to pair the dresses with. Feel free to leave us a comment below
ps: Try paring assortments of necklaces you have together. You'll be amazed on how great they look all together :}
xoxo Emie
(In order from top left)
1. Linear Panel Tube Dress $29.50 from Charlotte Russe
2. Floral Brocade Sateen Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
3. Floral Organza Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
4. Crepe Rosette Dress $32.80 from Forever 21
5. Lattice Knotted Dress $24.80 from Forever 21
5. Contrasting Petals Dress $29.80 from Forever 21
6. All Over Crochet Dress $34.50 from Charlotte Russe

January 20, 2011


Classy+fabulous by wanmanie featuring floral hair accessories

This is the Kim Kardashian inspired look. Hope you guys like it! tell me what you think...

Valentine's Look

Valentine's Look
Valentine's Look by wanmanie featuring a leaf earring

This look inspired me by Taylor Swift. She is cute and very sweet!

Dream, Peace, Love

Dream, Peace, Love
Dream, Peace, Love by wanmanie featuring a sequin bra

Inspired by Alexander McQueen's shoes. This is Lexi... she is Fun, Sexy and Fierce! And ready to go enjoy her night in New York city!

January 07, 2011

My winter wonderland! My poor dried skin....

          Due to the harsh cold winter weather, my poor lips have been neglected with moisturizing products for quite a while.Last night, a friend of mine let me tried her lip balm.
Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Stick
EOS Sweet Mint Lip balm $3.99
The product is by EOS, in 5 different flavors: summer fruit, lemon drop spf 15, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, and sweet mint.I tried the sweet mint flavor, as to the reason why I posted up the sweet mint picture of it. Isn't it super cute? Its affordable, about $4 and you can find it at any drug stores. Its an egg shaped lip balm. Totally different than any lip balms/chap sticks I've ever seen. And the best thing about is, its
95% organic, 100% natural, paraben and petrolatum free. Its packed with antioxidant, shea butter, and jojoba oil. All the ingredient to keep my lips soft, moist, and smooth! I'm so excited! I can not wait to buy one for my self. Or possibly all 5 wonderful flavors! Please try it out and let me know how you like it!!!

January 06, 2011

I have a love for Handbags (Coach especially)!!!

        I am officially an addict when it comes to handbags, but I am totally a satchel type of girl over a shoulder, cross body, or hobo. Did I mention I'm not afraid to try new colors? I used to be such a black, white, neutral girl. But my love for Pink will never dies.  A few years back, my fun yet so not  practical color side shine through (handbags wise) I am now a proud owner of all sorts of colors of handbags include; black, white, putty, champagne, camel, blue, pink, green, and one with a mix of color patterns. I love them all!!!
Leather Petal Ella $1,200
Just recently, I spotted this beautifully elegant bag from Coach. The new Leather Petal Ella, she is a little bit pricey on a higher note, $1,200. But I'm sure its worth every penny to the lucky ladies who purchase it. With it being a satchel, she has two short straps and a long over shoulder strap as an option. I just love love this bag!!!
There seems to be different shades of pastel chiffon petals all over the front of the bag, with the gorgeous putty cracked metallic . Its just so elegant, girly, and just simply beautiful. Spring 2011 is going to be beautiful this year for the ladies who are or will purchase this bag!!
(*she: the handbag, I like to prefer pretty things as a she) 
 xoxo Emie

Ahhh so exciting!

Our very own blog, for the first time!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Oh! Happy New Year to you all!!!!!
One of our New Year resolution? I guess to follow on with our Blog :)

We consider ourselves creative and fashionable, so throughout our blog, you will see picture of foods (that we ate or we made), fashions, shopping trips, holidays decorations, cute random things, all that sort of fun stuff!And of course anything else you viewers would like us to discuss about
Bee & Emie